Preface to Interview Problems for Programmers

It is time to develop a better method for interviewing programmers.

It seems that in the past few months I have read an increasing number of articles about the poverty of technical interview skills. One of the more recent, best, and most direct complaints is this one from Brandon, who runs the blog “Your Startup Sucks, and other¬†happy thoughts.” More familiar is Joel Spolsky’s Guerilla Inteviewing Techniques, which approaches the domain of problem solving, which many people think is what we really should care about. Continue reading

C++11 New Features Compiler Version Cross Reference

The C++11 ISO standard was finalized in April of 2011. George Flanagin of Digital Gaslight, Inc. has created a cross reference of new features in C++11 and the various versions of the GNU compiler that you may encounter on reasonably up to date development machines. For each feature, the page provides links to the discussions that have taken place in the standardization committee, and for many of the features there are links to shorter, more practical summaries of them. Continue reading

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7 Steps to Get 10,000 Website Visitors in 10 days

This is not one of those link bait blog posts you typically see telling you how you can drive millions of visitors to your web site so you can get rich quick and buy a tropical island. What this post does do is share the actual steps I used to boost my web site traffic from 50 visitors per day to 10,000 in only 10 days and to generate nearly 5,000 inbound links in that same period. Continue reading

DNS Explained So You Can Understand

If you have thought about having your own domain, then you have run across the term DNS. DNS is neither incomprehensibly complex nor is it “just like a phone book for the Internet.” Instead, it is like a group of phone books, but each phone book is kept in a different room. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to learn what you need to know, and many steps only need to be done once. Continue reading

Should I Use a CSS Framework?

960gs Grid Example

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about whether or not it would be beneficial to use a CSS framework on some of the enterprise web sites we build. His response was that he had experimented with them but he isn’t a fan of them. His reasons are consistent with the arguments I have read posted on various places on the world wide web. I, on the other hand, am not convinced by the arguments against using them. Continue reading